December 19, 2016

Elizabeth and David

Welcome to our wedding website. Both Liz and I would be honored by having you join us at Tarrywile Mansion on Monday December 19, 2016 at 5:30 PM

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Welcome to Tarrywile Mansion, won’t you come and “tarry a while”?

Originally built for Dr. William C. Wile in 1896 by the New York City Architectural firm “Chold & Degol”, Tarrywile Mansion, a sprawling 24 room home was named as such by Dr. Wile because he wanted his guests to come and “tarry w while” at his expansive home.

Through the years, it was a home where many happy family events and activities occurred.

Come step into the romantic elegance of the Victorian Era and take part in our inter-faith celebration at our wedding ceremony. Reception immediately to follow the ceremony.

Our wedding ceremony in Tarrywile Mansion's spectacular glass conservatory. Watch as we walk down the grand staircase as husband and wife for the first time then join you for cocktails on our magnificent wrap around veranda (Weather permitting)

Get ready to party dancing the night away. You joing us will create lasting memories and surely make it shine. Both Liz and David have carefully planned their wedding in hopes that they make your experience a truly unforgettable one.